Barrel-maker (cooper): When the Saxons departed the barrel maker thought that he would soon be out of business as he had few customers wanting large new barrels for wine. However, he has now diversified and makes 10 litre barrels - suitable for most modern homes.

Blacksmith: Helping the village blacksmith to diversify from horseshoes into a wide range of items such as door and window furniture has helped keep traditional skills alive and in Viscri this has encouraged two brothers to take over the business from their grandfather.

Charcoal : The life of the traditional charcoal maker is physically demanding and dangerous. Charcoal has many uses including filters and of course BBQ fuel.

Embroidery: Embroidery is very much a traditional skill and there are many fine examples to be seen, many handed down over several generations and used in the traditions of life - baptism, marriage and funerals.

Pottery: Saschiz was an old pottery centre renowned for its blue ware since the 1700s. The small pottery closed in the 1970s and the traditional white-on-blue motifs were taken over by the pottery in Corund/ Korond, in the Szekely area and motifs reversed (blue-on-white).

Weaving: Some fleeces are still washed by hand and then the wool spun into yarn and woven into rugs and blankets, knitted into socks, pullovers and gloves and felted into slippers, hats and handbags. Using imported cotton, weavers produce curtains, table cloths, placemats, scarves etc. The traditional fibre for these soft fabrics is hemp but this has not been grown in the area in recent years. The use of plant based dyes (rather than chemicals) has been reintroduced in recent years .

“Many of these crafts are on the verge of being lost as the skills are no longer handed down over generations due to a perception by the young that there is no chance to earn a living”