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For an insight into our activities and the area in which we work watch our documentary “Taste Transylvania”see below

We are artisan producers of  cordials and fine sweet and savoury preserves. Local ingredients are combined with traditional recipes, small batches and slow cooking to ensure that our products are full of flavour - just like the tasty ones your grandmother used to make. To preserve these for winter, she would have stored them in her cool cellar, hence our brand is Pivnita Bunicii, Grandma's Cellar or Pantry. Our ingredients include fruits such as:

  • Wild forest: bitter cherry, blackberry, cornelian cherry, raspberry;
  • Wild meadow: blueberry, red and yellow bullace, elderberry, rose-hip;
  • Orchard: apple, plum, quince, sour cherry;
  • Courtyard: apricot, blackcurrant, peach, rhubarb.

Try our preserves as a sauce with meat dishes or  cheese or as a dessert topping. Our cordials can be diluted with water and they are also the perfect compliment to spirits and cocktails or as ingredients in smoothies.

Specifically for Halloween, we  have Dracula’s Delight with three products (plum chutney, tomato chutney and chilli jam).

We also bottle  several types of honey which is collected from these wildflower-rich grasslands and is truly symbolic of the rich biodiversity of this remarkable area. We buy our honey from two local bee-keepers, and it is bottled at our premises in Saschiz.

On a larger scale, we produce raw acacia blossom and elder flower juices as ingredients for further processing by food and drink manufacturers.

We import and distribute a range  of soft drinks and craft beers from the UK.

We have created a Taste Transylvania experience and Shop  next to our process facility, providing an opportunity for visitors to the area to enjoy the intense flavours of our artisan products and of course purchase some to take home. We also stock  a selection of local crafts.

We are pleased to announce that following our second annual audit by DQS Romania it has been confirmed that we again meet the BRC Food Certificated-Colrequirements set out in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (Issue 7), Global Markets Programme, an entry level programme specifically designed for smaller and developing sites. We are the first micro-enterprise in Romania to achieve this status.

The BRC Global Standard has become a market leading brand that provides confidence and assurances to the food industry. The standard ensures good manufacturing practice and the safety of food products and was first created in 1998 in response to industry needs. The food standard was designed to ensure retailers wholesalers and brand owners were able to produce safe food products at a consistent quality. There are now 41 Romanian companies listed in the BRC Directory.

The BRC is now regarded by many as a benchmark for best practice across the food industry, used by over      23,000 certificated suppliers in 123 countries, with certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited certification bodies. With such a large network many retailers and brand owners worldwide will only do business with suppliers who have gained certification in the appropriate BRC Global Standard.

To promote the standard small food producers, BRC have used our journey as a case study and  it is hoped that this will encourage other producers to go down this  path.

“I am very impressed and  would like to congratulate the whole team on the progress made to achieve both the accreditation and the case study prepared by BRC” Maurice Pullen, FDC Investor and Insurance Adviser.

The Standards guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.

Watch the documentary below for an insight into our philosophy and for a glimpse of this amazing area.


Jim Turnbull was interviewed about Transylvania for the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme broadcast on Sunday 5th September 2010.


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